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About Apollo Hospitals

Celebrating 30 years of healing

On September 10, 2013, my family of 70,000 will pause just for a moment to celebrate a transformational journey of healing, one that marks 30year of excellence, expertise and powering the nation's private healthcare revolution.

Our journey began with a very small group of passionate doctors and over the years, this passion translated to an unparalleled growth

Our mission was to bring quality healthcare to India, closer to every individual in need and ever since the years that went by have witnessed us defining excellence in healthcare, pioneering new medical techniques & technologies and setting benchmarks at every touch point of the medical value chain

The Apollo hospitals group today stands tall in the global healthcare landscape as an institution that is leading across multiple medical specialties measures in reference to the clinical outcome. Apollo hospitals is Asia's foremost integrate healthcare provider and has been honored with the trust of over 37 million patients who came to us from 120countries.

A constant in our journey of healing has been the unwavering support and encouragement of well-wishers like you who helped us address obstacles and forge new paths. We thank you for your belief in us.

Looking ahead, we are dedicated to helping India build a brighter and healthier future for all its citizens and in making this great nation, the preferred global healthcare destination.

India is well over a billion people and is confronted both by an unfinished agenda of eliminating communicable and infectious diseases, nutritional deficiencies, unsafe pregnancies and at the same time the challenge of escalating epidemic of non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In addressing these challenges, India needs the support of its influential citizens, a robust healthcare delivery framework and a foundation of strong legislature

Furthermore, a healthier tomorrow requires an investment into preventive healthcare. A stitch in time saves nine is a popular adage and it is very true for health. It was this very credo that led to the strong focus on preventive health care at Apollo hospitals. Even from an economic perspective healthcare as opposed to sending on treatment especially for diseases that could have been prevented with simple lifestyle changes

I firmly believe that personalized healthcare is the future and with this view, we have institutionalized a brand-new suite of Apollo personalized for every individual. In the course of the years ahead, this Endeavour will assist Indians to lead a healthier, more productive life

For 3 decades you have trusted us as your healthcare partner. We cherish and treasure your trust. We are steadfast in our commitment to excellence in every sphere of healthcare.

Your encouragement and good wishes would be pivotal for Apollo hospitals to break new ground and unlock our potential. After all it's not every day that one turns 30!

Our Centres of Excellence

Heart Institutes

The centres of cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery at Apollo hospitals are among the largest cardiovascular groups in the world. From pioneering open-heart surgery in India, to be being the first to do minimally invasive cardiac surgery, its cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons have been at the results are there to be seen 1, 52,000surgeries and 1,25,000 angioplasties, with worlds class outcomes that improved quality of life for thousands of cardiac patient who visit Apollo hospitals each year.

Institutes of orthopaedics

The Apollo Institutes of orthopaedics at Apollo hospitals are at the forefront of cutting edge orthopaedics, and offer the latest in orthopaedic treatment and techniques. Their orthopaedic surgeons have completed over 10,000 joint replacements and perform advanced surgical procedures which include the most current arthroscopic and reconstructive technique –including major joint replacements, revision joint replacements, hip resurfacing and shoulder replacement surgeries, knee, shoulder & hip arthroscopies, advanced spine surgeries, hand surgeries and complex trauma. This center has pioneered several technologies and is south East Asia's only robotic spine surgery centre.

Institutes of Neurosciences

The Apollo institutes of neurosciences are headed by world- renowned consultants and backed by outstanding clinical staff and sophisticated equipment. These centres investigate and treat diseases affecting the brain, spinal cord, muscles and nerves. The extremely competent neurologists, neurosurgeons, critical care specialists, nurses and researchers provide expert care for treatment of brain tumors, head and spine injury, stroke, headaches and seizure. They are equipped with equipment on par with the best in the world and complete over 10,000 neurosurgeries every year

Institutes of transplant

The Apollo institutes of transplant provide a multi-disciplinary, highly skilled state-of-the-art service to patients under one roof, supports by cutting edge medical technology and infrastructure. The Apollo institutes of transplant have been established with a view to provide the very best of tertiary level services in transplantation and allied fields in the world. Facilities available include liver, kidney, pancreas, small bowel, bone marrow, heart, lung, cornea and other tissue transplantation. Having pioneered several techniques including multi0organ, cord blood, cadaveric and pediatric transplants in India, the Apollo institutes of transplant became the world's largest solid organ transplant program, last year, completing 1,200 transplants in the year.

Cancer Institutes

The Apollo cancer institute's, an integral part of the Apollo hospitals group, are the leading cancer care centers in the country. With the latest medical gadgets and state-of the-art technology, manned by a highly skilled pool of consultants with unmatched competence and expertise, the centres adopt a multi-disciplinary approach. Ever since its inception, contemporary expertise has been achieved by combining continuous training, education and clinical practice. The Apollo cancer institute's were the first to perform a cord blood transplant for leukemia and have performed over 500 bone marrow transplants. They will revolutionize cancer care yet again, by launching the 1st proton beam facility across south East Asia Africa and Australia


Apollo hospitals was the first to modify the concept of casualty to emergency services. They introduced a nationwide emergency number – 1066 and were the first to start air-ambulance services in India. The advance life support ambulance act like hospitals on wheels. They are the only hospitals in India to have certified emergency consultants, with high end clinical and training pathways. Apart from this, they have all super-specialists under one roof-making them the one to trust in an emergency. Be it accidents, acute myocardial infarction at home, work or on the road. Every year, they are saving 1, 20,000 lives with the state-of-the-art emergency services

Preventive medicine

Research all over the world has proven that it is more economical to invest in preventive healthcare rather than to think of a hospitals only in times of distress. More than the cost, it is the sheer joy of living a stress- free life without having to worry about one's health. Apollo's institute of preventive medicine has pioneered in the area of preventive healthcare and preventive checks in India through Apollo health checks. Over the years, these centre's have completed over 8 million health checks providing them with a vast experience in the area of preventive healthcare. And now they are ready to bring in the next revolution-personalized health checks. Because no two individuals are the same. They will understand the individual's state of health and leverage their vast experience to create a health check which is exclusively designed for that particular individual

A journey of many revolutions begins



Inauguration of Apollo hospitals, Chennai by shri giani zail singh, president of India on 18th September.


Opened first hospitals based pharmacy


Performed first cardiac sugery



The first Apollo health check done


Prime minister indira Gandhi visites chef minister Dr. M.G.Ramachandran at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai


Performed first kidney transplantation


Performed 100th cardiac surgery



Cardiac surgery program completes 1000 surgeries



Medical insurance scheme introduced in collaboration with united india insurance company limited



Performed over 700 open heart surgeries



Inauguration of Apollo hospitals, Hyderabad


The pharmacy retail outlet started in Chennai



IVF unit creates medical history with the birth of a baby by the GITF procedure



Apollo Hospitals performed revolutionary orthopaedic surgery-equalising of limbs and deformity correction.



Dr. prathap c Reddy awarded the padma bhushan award.


Chief nephrologists, Dr M.K.Mani awarded the Padma Bhushan Award


First Apollo School of Nursing commissioned in Chennai



Apollo hospitals introduced coronary artery stenting for the first time in india.


Establishment of Apollo institute of hospitals management & Allied Science, Chennai



Launch of 24 hours ambulance service


Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills Performed 362 Consecutive coronary bypass surgeries with zero complications.




Inauguration of Apollo specialty hospitals, Chennai


A three year old was the 10,000th patient to undergo an open heart surgery


Launch of the first management training institute-Apollo institute of hospitals administration in Hyderabad.



Performed first bone marrow transplant.


Performed fist multhi organ transplant in the country.


Harvard Business school introduced a case study on Apollo Hospitals


Establishment ofirst stereotactic radio surgery unit in south asia


Performed first successful casaveric transplant in india



Inauguration of indraprastha Apollo hospitals, New Delhi.


Apollo specialty hospitals, first in the country, to get ISO 9002 Certification


Completion of 1000 Successful renal transplants


First FDI in healthcare with Schroder's capital.


inauguration of Apollo cancer Hospital, Hyderabad.


Inauguration of Apollo hospitals Madurai


Pioneered emergency medicine in india and transformed the existing casualty concept.


Performed first successful cord blood transplant in india



Performed the first successful paediatric and adult liver transplants in india


Establishment of Apollo College of physiotherapy.


Inauguration of Apollo hospitals, vikrampuri



Orthopaedic centre opened at Apollo sepciality hospitals.


Performaed the first pre-oprative brain interstial implant in india



Inauguration of Apollo hospitals, aragonda


Inauguration of the first telemedicine facility in the country by mr.Bill Clinton, President of the United States.


Establishment of Medvarsity online Limited, the first medical e-learning venture of the Apollo group


Inauguration of Apollo specialty hospitals, Madurai



Competition of 100 bone marrow transplants at Apollo speciality hospitals, Chennai


Performed a successful heart surgery on a 2-day-old body


Successfully implanted a pacemaker in a 97 year old patient


Inauguration of Apollo hospitals in bilaspur and mysore



Introduced nationwide single emergency number – 1066


Dr.Prathap C Reddy recived the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award



Inauguration of Apollo hospitals, ahmedabad


Inauguration of Apollo gleneales Hospitals, Kolkata.


Launch of Apollo Hospitals' First CSR initiative Save Chid's Heart Initiative



Recognised as a Super brand of India in the Healthcare sector


First drug eluding stent was used


Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad became the first hospitals to use satellite technology for telemedicine



Dr.Prathap C Reddy Became the first recipient of te asia-pacific Bio-Business Leadership Award


Launch of the first 16-slice PET CT Imaging System in South East Asia


Launch of the first 64-slice CT Angio Sysytem


Inauguration of Apollo Hospitals, Kakinada


Indeaprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi Became the first hospitals in india to recive accreditation from JCI, USA


Launch of the first cradle facility in gurgaon



Apollo Hospitals is nominated as consumer Healthcare super brand


Apollo Hospitals Group Forms Apollo DKV insurance company Limited, now called Apollo Munich Health Insurance company limited.



Launch of the first health city in asia Hyderabad.


Dr.prathap C Reddy was awarded the "Modern Medicare Excellence Award 2006" by ICICI Group


Inauguration of Apollo hospitals, Bangalore.



Inauguration of the Apollo Reach Hospitals, Karimnagar by Dr.Manmohan sign, Prime Minster of india


Launch of B positive, a health and lifestyle magazine


Performed the youth gest paediatric liver transplant in India


Apollo Hospitals Initiatives, reach & sugar clinics win the prestigious 'consumer health Awards'


Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad performed the highest number of cochlear implants in a day


Apollo hospitals, Hyderabad won the hospitals Management Asia Award for CSR



Inauguration of Apollo children's hospitals, Chennai


The government of india releases a commemorative stamp for Apollo hospitals


Launch of advance cyberknife technology at Apollo specialty cancer hospital


Launch of ACE@25, a clinical balanced scorecard, in all Apollo hospitals


Apollo specialty Hospitals, Madurai becomes the first hospital to receive accreditation from NABH, Quality council of India.


Performed bypass surgery on a conscious patient at Apollo Health city


Launch of centre for Bariatric Surgery at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad



Apollo Hospitals became India most preferred Hospital at the india healthcare awards


Launch of novalis TX at indraprastha Apollo hospitals


The Billion Hearts Beating Campaign from Apollo wins the best marketing campaign of the year award at the world brand congress 2010


Launch of mobile-health services


First American national to have undergone a successful heart transplant at Apollo hospitals, Chennai


Dr.Prathap C Reddy is conferred with the padma vibhushan


Inauguration of Apollo hospitals, Bhubaneswar


Launch of the Apollo Quality program across the entire Apollo group


Launch of the 50th hospitals in the group Apollo hospitals, secunderabad


Launch of the first international congress on transforming healthcare with information technology



Inauguration of Apollo reach hospitals, karaikudi in tamilnadu


Launch of Apollo institute of robatic surgery, the first world class robotic centre in tamil Nadu


Apollo pharmacy awarded the Best Healthcare retail company of the year-2011 by forst & Sullivan


Introduced Apollo Day surgery – a dedicated facility for minor surgeries requiring short-stay.


In the great place to work (GPTW) survey Apollo Hospitals ranks first in the Hospitals category


Launch of 1000th pharmacy with a Rs 1000 crore pharmacy turnover


Performed world's first single incision revision bariatric surgery


Apollo health city, Hyderabad became the fisth hospital in the country to be recognized as the best medical tourism facility for 2009-2010


Apollo hospitals, Hyderabad bagged Hospitals Management Asia award for clinical excellence


Dr.Prathap C Reddy launched the 4 essentials of patient safety during the first international corgeress on patient safety


Dr.Prathap C Reddy launched the 4 essentials of patient safety during the first international corgeress on patient safety


Performed the first cadaver liver transplant



Apollo Hospitals transplant program became the world's busiest solid organ transplant program


3-year –old Pakistani child diagnosed with liver cancer underwent a successful liver transplant


Completed more than 130,000 cardiac surgeries with a 99.6% success rate


Apollo institute of medical sciences and research under AHERF started its first Apollo medical college


Apollo Hospitals, Chennai became India leading single incision laparoscopic center having performed more than 500 SILS advanced surgeries.


Apollo Hospitals, Chennai became the only centre to offer all techniques of bariatric surgeries like laparoscopy, SILS Robotics & Endoscopic Surgery


Inception of the prestigious proton therapy Project



Dr.prothap C reddy turned 80on 5th February


Dr.prathap C Reddy, received the NDTV Indian of the year Life Achievement Award


Launch of 1,500th Apollo Pharmacy


Apollo Hospitals marks its 30th anniversary on 18th September

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